From fireplace remodeling to thin brick veneer installations and installing cultured stones or old Chicago brick veneers we are your best masonry company in the Broward and Miami Dade region. We also sell many construction related materials such as, fireclay and firebricks and fireboxes for any fireplace project. We also sell all types of old Chicago bricks and brick veneers. Large selection of cultured and eldorado stone veneers available. Visit our Davie Fl showroom.


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Refractory mortar, Fire Clay or Fireclay for sale.


If you are in a quest of building or remodeling your fireplace or fire pit you probably heard of the term fire resistant mortar.


 In a pizza oven where temperatures can reach up to 1400F, it is essential to use materials that can endure these high temperature conditions. Common building materials such as regular mortar, bricks or even concrete cant stand the heat.


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To overcome these problems masonry contractors use heat resistant materials to line the interior of the pizza ovens, fireplaces and fire pits.

They install fire resistant or refractory bricks. The bricks are usually cemented together with refractory mortar. 

Refractory cement or fireproof mortar is a material specifically formulated to be just as fire resistant as fire bricks.

There are a few companies that sell premixed fire proof mortar but it might be a bit costly if you have more than a hundred firebricks to install.


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There is a more cost effective option. Just add Fireclay.

Fire clay.


To achieve best result with your fire resistant mortar and make sure that it will hold up well during rapid temperature changes you have to mix in an additive called fire clay. Fire clay is a specific kind of clay used in the manufacture of ceramics.

Fireclay contains alumina and silica making it extremely fire resistant.

Basically all fire bricks are made with fire clay.



Fire resistant mortar for firepits. Fireclay for fireplaces and firepits.


Our company sells fire clay in 50Lb woven bags. Just mix the fireclay with regular mortar to a consistency suitable to install the firebricks with. Each bag is enough to install between 100-140 firebricks. You can install the firebricks larger side facing out to conserve materials as shown on pictures.


Mixing fire resistant mortar. Firebricks and fire resistant mortar or mud.

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We are also offering the following brick products.


Fire resistant or refractory bricks.

Install fire resistant bricks on your new fireplace, pizza Owen or fire pit.


Old Chicago thin brick veneer.

Why would you settle for the man made imitations?

Get the real thin brick veneers sliced from real old Chicago bricks.


Old Chicago thin brick flooring bricks.

Get the look and feel of the real old Chicago bricks on your porch, patio or anywhere in the house.


Old Chicago bricks.

Why would you settle for the ugly stucco on your house?

Get the real old Chicago bricks.


Thin Brick Veneers.

All types of Brick veneers and brick tiles. Buy directly from the manufacturer.


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